Finishing the manuscript is only half of the job.


One of the ways Working Vacation Studios is different from other independent editors is that I'm truly a full-service publishing consultant, able to share with you not only my book editing expertise, but also my command of the process that transforms a manuscript into the physical product your readers will enjoy.

Combining hands-on experience in publishing project management (which was gained by working for houses such as Warner Books/Hachette Book Group and Vendome Press) with a network of highly skilled partners in prepress production and printing, WVS offers supervisory services in the following areas:

Publication Design

Cover and Jacket Design

Color Separation and Proofing

eBook Conversion

Offset and Digital Printing

Jim Spivey/Working Vacation Studios has been an active partner in Vendome’s success. We rely on Jim to control all aspects of Vendome’s highly complex production, from checking and archiving photography files to coordinating between freelance designers, editors, foreign printers, American and UK distributors, and European publishing partners. Vendome deals with highly talented and demanding authors: Jim has been great at smoothing their easily ruffled feathers while masterminding the schedules of our prepress suppliers in Italy and North America. Jim is responsible for the annual production of literally thousands of pages, which he has done under the most extremely time sensitive deadlines. Not only is Jim highly efficient and reliable in all aspects of book production, but he is an original multi-tasker, simultaneously juggling the conflicting demands of a half-dozen books while planning the following season’s releases. In short, I can’t recommend Jim Spivey and Working Vacation Studios more highly.
— Mark Magowan, publisher of The Vendome Press

No form of publication is too big or too small. So whether it's converting your manuscript into an eBook, or creating a short-run gift edition of a previously published work, or supervising a print run of fifty to fifty thousand copies of an original novel, I know how to deliver a book any reader will want on his or her shelf.