Playing games is serious business.


Thanks to Kickstarter, game development is on the rise, providing more opportunities for independent designers to bring their creations to a dedicated community of players.
Including an editor in the development process—particularly one who is versed in traditional editing resources and who knows his games—will add the polish that can set your game apart from all the others in the growing landscape.

This is where I come in.

In addition to being a book editor, I've also had the opportunity to work on collectible card games (such as DC OverPower), role-playing games (the DC Universe Role Playing Game from West End Games), and board games (Heroes Wanted and others from Action Phase Games; Gloomhaven from Cephalofair Games; the rules compendium for Heroes of Normandie; the new edition of Fury of Dracula for WizKids).

Let me tell you a story... Our last Kickstarter campaign was going well, that is until we released a PDF version of a compendium gathering every rule published across our multiple products. English-speaking people fell upon us, punching the translation and complaining about its quality. We were in deep trouble, having spent a lot of money on this translation, and as French speakers, we couldn’t figure out if it was good or not. Jim sent us a message, offering his services. We weren’t sure if we would have to pay for a new translation, or if we should trust this guy who is a Heroes of Normandie fan. We ended up trusting Jim, and it was the best move we’d made so far. He did a fantastic job! Here in France, one of our friends edits our French texts; she’s a well-known editor here, and is famous for her job quality. What Jim did for us was as good, if not better, than what she does. So, if you need a wonderful editor, ask Jim. But please, don’t send him too much work, as we will need him again and again and again…
— Clément (Clem) Seurat, co-creator of Heroes of Normandie and co-founder of Devil Pig Games

So whether you're looking for someone to proofread the rulebook, to aid with play-testing, or to actually play a part in the creative development of your game (such as crafting the story or drafting scenario text), WVS stands ready to help bring your game to the table.