Base fees for Manuscript Editing range from a penny per word to three cents per word,
depending on the type of service requested.
All word counts must be confirmed and agreed upon before work begins.

Book Production, Comic Book/Graphic Novel/Manga Editing, and Game Editing are charged as flat fees that reflect the size and complexity of the project, with a minimum fee of $250.

As rates will vary based on the above criteria, please use the contact form to request a quote.
Be sure to include as many details as possible (estimated word count, desired completion date, etc.) in the request, and I generally ask to see a sample of the work before accepting a project.

I do offer discounts on bundled services.

In some cases, a copy of the finished product will be requested as part of the payment.

Most projects will require the payment of a retainer (either a set amount or a percentage of the total fee), which is due when work begins, with the balance due once work is complete.


I do realize that hiring a professional such as myself is a significant investment on your part, so know that I will do all I can to fit within the confines of your particular budget.

Thanks for considering Working Vacation Studios as your partner in publishing, and I look forward to hearing from you!


Working Vacation Studios

Based in Oregon
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