It all starts with your story.


And the key word here is your.

The most important thing you should know about me and how I edit books is that it's a collaborative process. That means I'll be your partner in this journey, not a backseat writer looking to change your story into something that's not true to your original vision. Again, this is your story. I'm just here to help you hone your manuscript into the best it can be and smoothly guide it through the steps needed to realize your dreams of publication, whatever those may be.

Equally as important is that I give all of my client authors the same high-quality level of service. Doesn't matter if it's a book for a major publishing house or a tale to be shared only with family and friends—each and every manuscript always gets my professional best.

“I’ve worked with Jim on two novels so far, and look forward to getting his insight on my third. He’s careful to point out where prose falters and where consistency slips, and he does it all like a pro. Every suggestion he made strengthened my stories and made the characters brighter and more vivid on the page. Thanks, Jim!”
— AJ Sikes, author of Gods of Chicago and the upcoming Gods of New Orleans

I work in (and enjoy) a lot of different genres—from traditional fiction for both adult and young readers to self-help and from romances to historical thrillers—but I do have an admitted sweet spot for sci-fi & fantasy, action & adventure, suspense, and related genres.

The primary editorial services I offer are developmental editing (a comprehensive edit that addresses strengths and weaknesses in structure, plot, character arcs, and continuity, while also pointing out any mechanical concerns), copyediting (a more targeted editorial pass that focuses on grammar and spelling issues, as well as any big-picture problems), and proofreading (intended to be a final polish to catch any lingering errors in spelling and grammar). Reduced price packages combining two or all three services are available. And these services aren't just limited to prose manuscripts; if your story is a movie screenplay or a script for a TV pilot, I have experience with them and their unique format.

But regardless of the kind of story you've written, I look forward to helping you transform your idea from words on a page to a finished work.