Insulting with Authority

Greetings, all... Long time no talk. A consequence of being über-busy these past few months. Certainly a good thing, but it does mean that blogging can fall a bit by the wayside.

However, today, as I was looking up a word for a proofread I'm working on (Wolf & Parchment, vol. 3, for Yen Press), I found this article on Merriam-Webster's website: Some Notes On 'Asshat': A serious look at where it came from.

So I thought I'd take a moment to share I choose to take pleasure in the fact that not only did "asshat" make its way into the Merriam-Webster dictionary, but also it comes complete with an origin story. So now when I call someone an asshat, I can both cite chapter and verse on why I've correctly identified them as an asshat, as well as prove it's not a word I...well, pulled out of my ass.

It's one, dear. (Thank you, Merriam-Webster.)

It's one, dear. (Thank you, Merriam-Webster.)

And on that (hopefully) amusing thought, I return you to your regularly scheduled Friday. May your work-life balance tip decisively to the "life" side, and may the margaritas (the official adult beverage of Working Vacation Studios) be plentiful.