'Nuff Said

Again, it’s been a while since my last blog post (as I’ve said, it’s been a busy year…oh, to have such problems, right?). I just wish what was inspiring me to post was something more upbeat.

Stan “The Man” Lee has passed.


Though some critics choose to bash Stan over what he did or didn’t create, his influence on comics and genuine love and enthusiasm for comics fans is the reason there even is a comics industry as we know it today, not to mention all the associated media that comes from it. So as someone who had always dreamed of working in comics—and who eventually fulfilled that dream—I owe a debt to Stan that I can never fully repay, particularly since my first job in comics was as an intern for Marvel.

Included with many of the various remembrances of Stan are a sampling of his “Stan’s Soapbox” pieces, several of which reminded us that he lived by the same creed he coined for Spider-Man—”With great power comes great responsibility”—and did what he could to help shape the morals of his readers, all of whom he made to feel as though they were part of a special club. I’m including one here that I think is still as relevant today as it was when Stan wrote it.

Rest well, Stan the Man. You’ve earned it. EXCELSIOR!! #RIPStanLee