Rising Star

Happy New Year, one and all!

As you may or may not know, there is a bit of a hierarchy when it comes to book reviews. Now I'm not talking about whether one source is more reputable than another (as that can be argued), I'm instead looking at one important thing: a star. Unlike most other types of reviews, all an author needs to earn is just one star, as "starred reviews" are doled out very sparingly and mean that the author's book is most certainly a cut above the rest.

I'm very proud to report that one of the authors I worked with in 2017, Adam Bender, has earned this particular distinction and has been awarded a starred review by Kirkus Reviews, one of the most noted book review agencies out there.

Adam's book, The Wanderer and the New West, was one I definitely enjoyed reading (and not just because it was a Western mashup, which is a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine), so I'm glad to see that it's gotten the attention it deserves.


The book is currently available on Amazon as well as other outlets, so go get yerself a copy, y'hear? And congrats, Adam! I look forward to our next collaboration...