The word is still the thing

Merry Christmas Eve!!

As y'all likely already know, words are my stock in trade. So, it wasn't surprising that last year at about this time, I was a bit obsessed with Merriam-Webster's Word of the Year. While I was certainly curious what they selected this year (it's feminism, BTW...another good call), I was more intrigued and amused by what was voted "Most Annoying Word or Phrase Used in Casual Conversation."

According to MaristPoll, "whatever..." has narrowly secured that particular top spot for the ninth year in a row, with newcomer "fake news" coming in second, followed by "no offense, but..." "Literally" comes in a respectable fourth, likely fueled by those who want to literally kill their friends who correct them on the use of literally versus figuratively.

And it's on that note that I close up the shop for the year. Best wishes to y'all for a very merry, happy, and jolly holiday season, and here's hoping that 2018 isn't another year some of us may want to figuratively tar and feather before showing it the door...

WVS 2018 holiday card.jpg