The Year of the (Devil) Pig

Happy New Year, one and all! Just a quick post this time, as I've been blessed/cursed with a very busy January, but I did want to let you know about my latest board game edit.

In about mid-December, one of the projects I had backed on Kickstarter—the Strategic Resupply + Rules Compendium for Heroes of Normandie from Devil Pig Games—found itself in need of an editor. As a fan of the game, I volunteered my services and did an edit during my holiday "break" (to paraphrase Honest John from Disney's Pinocchio, "Hi-deedle-dee-dee, a freelancer's life for me..."). It was a really awesome assignment, as it was great to play an important role in the creation of a definitive rule book for one of my favorite games and, by reading the full set of rules, to get a glimpse at all of the expansions that I don't have yet (emphasis on "yet"). After all this, I can't wait to get HoN back to the table.

But, hang on a minute...what am I doing here talking to you guys? I need to get back to WORK!!