A sad farewell to Lazslo

As part of my move back to the Great Northwest, I left behind my car—a '97 Dodge Neon I had named "Lazslo"—as it wasn't practical to bring my almost twenty-year-old car (which was used when I got it) across country.

My mechanic—Brian at Ultramotive, whom I'd had since I bought the car—volunteered to help me try to sell Lazslo, as he would make a good first car for someone. However, no one bit. So today I told Brian to go ahead and sell the car for scrap.

Saying good-bye to Lazslo.

Saying good-bye to Lazslo.

I feel like I just told him to put my pet to sleep.

So, farewell, buddy. Thanks for all the road trips, taking me to the movies, and helping me lug home the groceries. You'll be missed.